Thursday, May 7, 2009

Two more weeks to go...

It's official now as I have received my release letter from HR and there is only 2 weeks left from now before I leave my company after spending my 4 youthful years here.

Starting from today till my last day, I'll be having endless farewell lunch with my dear fellow colleagues and I think by the day before I leave, I'll be a fatty...But, then again, it's worth it, isn't it?. LOL.

Looking back when I first joined my company, I was quite impressed with the tidiness of the office when I first came for interview. I only then realised that it is a company policy that my company follows... the stupid 5S policy which you need to make sure that your work station is totally clean...I mean SPOTLESS...For example, your keyboard must be dust-free. During the audit, the auditors will turn upside down the keyboard to see if there is any dust. Therefore, we need to use cotton bud to clean each gap between the buttons of the keyboard. It's a nightmare really!! And you can see all my colleagues scrambling to keep their files or documents into their car during audit time. Poor thing!

I don't really like my first department. I was working my ass off during that time. I was so physically tired as there were so many roadshows and events. Not mentally strainned though. But, I'm proud that the new skincare launch (consists of 27 skus) and Total Beauty Workshop was a true success. I could still remember how we called the big lady boss in our department; 龙 猫 (Dragon Cat) due to her big size (of course lah, as you can guess from her nick name). I can still remember how my colleague and I laughed until we cried when we suddenly heard her phone's ringtone rang with 2 gun-shots and then she totally jumped out from the room to pick up her phone. What a funny act!!

After spending a torturing 5 months in this department, I was transferred to another department, mainly due to my qualification and my article in The Star, as apparently I was more fit to do the job there. LOL. Anyway, my new boss there treated me quite good there. I think I was her blue eye boy at that time. It was so sweet for her to buy me balloon for my birthday even though I felt weird from receiving one. Just felt like I was treated like a small little cute boy.

It's from there that I met another sweet lady who has taught me a lot things and yet we call her 'Old Mother Chicken'. But, mind you, even though we call her this nickname, her complexion is so good that she can passed by as a 28 years old woman who still looks pretty as if she has done a plastic surgery or facelift before. She is like 'The Nanny' in my department. That's why her bust is so small. No more milk left liao. LOL. (Just joking. I'm sure you won't mind)

After my manager left, there was a new AVP who came (aiyo, not alien vs predator; it stands for Assistant Vice President). She is another well-groomed pretty lady who dresses to kill. Mind you, she can be very sexy at times till our President is too scared to look at her. LOL. But, due to my charm, I soon became her blue eye boy. Never met a boss who is as crazy as her because besides working, she can joke with us and hang out with us after work. I still miss her till this date.

After having my best 2 years here and a few successful skin care ranges and fragrance launch, then came a super duper low self-esteem bitchy witch which I blogged earlier on. She was promoted from AM to M and she always complained that her promotion increment is too low and it doesn't justify her workload. Oh...pleeassse....she just need to overlook all our projects and she even doesn't have her own projects to do. What pisses us off is she cut all our bonus to increase her own bonus this year. What a selfish bitch! This really triggers me to look for another job. The most surprising thing is we gave our resignation letters to HR on the same day. Bitch, if I know that you are leaving, I will not leave. But, anyway, this may be a blessing in a disguise as I have found a better salary job with a manager position.

Voila, that's my story. Now, I'm enjoying my honeymoon before working my ass off again.


  1. wow~ manager huh?
    must belanja ur god bro makan la~

    good luck :)