Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Farewell Lunch 5

I was so busy preparing my handover and interview last week until I don't have time to write my farewell lunches in my blog. Even though, I was damn busy but I still have time to eat my farewell lunch. LOL.

My Japanese supplier, Ms Satomi-san came and we had my farewell lunch in our company's Japanese restaurant, Xenri. A lot of bloggers have written positive comments on this good Japanese restaurant. Well, for staffs, we are entitled for 25% discounts except for Sunday lunch buffet.

Bottom left: My pregnant colleague was caught in a guilty act for eating ice cream. Naughty mum...

We ordered a lot of food and there is sake promotion (Buy 1, Free 1). The sake is quite nice and not too sweet.

I love the Sashimi...so fresh...

I ordered the beef sukiyaki. The soup is delicious.
The sake poured into a special jar...

I love the Chocolate Parfait Ice cream. But, I still prefer the one in Sushi Zanmai.

I am gonna miss Xenri restaurant a lot. So many great foods...

DL, do you want to eat the Sunday buffet lunch with me?


  1. Who you D*L** until need to invite that person to have lunch? So nice

  2. Dont be jealous lar. I invite u next time, OK?