Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Farewell Lunch 6

I can't believe that I already had so many farewell lunches and this is the number 6th. My two lovely and pretty colleagues, Kelly and Ms Mal brought me to Ninja Jones @ Northpoint, Midvalley yesterday (actually I will be attending an interview later in Northpoint Offices and that's why we find somewhere nearby).

Ninja Jones is a Japanese restaurant and the ambiance there is quite dark and mysterious. If you are not careful, you may get lost especially going to the toilet. Damn, I nearly trip myself. However, I like the gent's room as it has a nice glass panel where you can look into the garden of Northpoint and there are 3 Japanese swords on display near the glass panel (pic below).

The set lunch there apparently looks quite cheap, averagely is RM 30 and there is additional 20% off on the set lunch. Nevertheless, do not let the discounted price deceive you as the food portions are extremely small. Well, cheaper price, smaller portion. Hmmm...seems like not so honest. Moreover, the food taste is not so good especially if compared to Xenri. A set lunch in Xenri which also costs averagely RM 30 has a big food portions and your stomach will definitely be extremely full and satisfied.

The scary thing is the male waiter is dressed up as a black ninja. The ambiance there is already quite dark and I don't need a scary Ninja to suddenly appear in front of me. Get lost... u creepy Ninja...no wonder the restaurant is called Ninja Jones (or maybe they meant Ninja Zones). LOL.

Thank you, Kelly and Ms Mal for the farewell lunch (or should I say a scary farewell lunch).


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  2. Haiyo, ppl treat you free lunch please don't complain so much la. Scary farewell lunch somemore.

  3. Aiyo...i am not complaining...i m just describing my experience in the restaurant...

  4. wow...all the food pix are mking me soo hungry! The ninja waiter would have scared me too:-) It's so unexpected...