Monday, May 25, 2009

My 1st Day in New Company

Today is my 1st day in my new company. I didn't have much rests after leaving my old company. Maybe I'm too greedy for money and I joined this company almost immediately. LOL.

Unfortunately, I don't have my own manager's room, instead I have to share my room with 1 of my staff and my other staff is sitting in Purchasing Dept. Luckily, we are facing each other so neither of us can see each other's monitor which is a good thing as I'm sure she will be stress if I could see her screen all the time.

Since I'm new to this company, I better keep myself low profile (especially in my dressing, can't be too flashy). I can't believe that male employees are forbidden to wear earring to work. Ohmigod, what century is this??
I also better listen more than to speak more. Maybe I'll just ask more questions to learn more things.
The best part is I can access to Facebook, MSN chat and Youtube (hmm...but the problem is my PC doesn't have any speakers...frown and sigh)

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