Friday, May 8, 2009

Farewell Lunch 2

My second farewell lunch is today and the treat is on our Senior Vice President, Mr. Chong. He is a nice man who has a very strong stamina. He can just stand there and talk with you for at least 3 hours without making a single move at the age of 61. Amazing, I really salute him. I don't even have that kind of strength. Well, you can't blame a snake for its laziness though. Love to eat and sleep.

Beside treating me, he also invited that super duper low-esteem bitchy witch to come along as she is leaving too. As he realised that there is a tension between her and me, he invited two more colleagues to join us; his secretary and the 'old chicken mother' for lunch at Fong Lye Restaurant in The Gardens, Midvalley.

Guess who is the witch...Tips: Witch likes to tie a ribbon...

It is a nice Taiwanese Restaurant with good food but it is always jammed pack with people. If you go to this restaurant, make sure you bring enough cash because they don't accept credit cards. I can still remember that we don't have enough cash to pay when we brought our Japanese suppliers to eat there. It is so embarassing that we need to walk out from the restaurant to get more cash from ATM machine and left the two Japanese ladies waiting there.

I like the sweet and sour fish dish and so the three of us ordered the same dish. We also ordered some side dishes especially the famous Taiwanese Sausage and the Sweet Potato balls.

The sweet and sour fish set

The famous Taiwanese sausage

The Chinese Tea served in a nice teapot

Thank you, Mr Chong for the lovely treat.


  1. gonna see your 3rd, 4th, 5th etc farewell meal soon I guess.

  2. of course...yours will be in too.