Friday, May 8, 2009

Farewell Lunch 1

My first farewell lunch was yesterday with 7 pretty girls from Beauty-PD. They brought me to a place called Chicken Pot in Kuchai Lama. My goodness, this place was so hard to find a car park.

All the dishes are spicy, so you can choose 3 levels of spiciness. I can't really eat spicy food, or else I'll be sweating like rains. Nevertheless, the girls wanted to be more adventurous, so we ordered medium spice for the chicken, pork and beef dishes.

Beef Dish

Chicken dish

Ohmigod, the chicken and beef are so spicy until everyone's mouth get numb and I was sweating like hell until I used up all the tissues. All of us prefer the pork as it is not that spicy and tastes better (with a bit of vinegar sweetness).

See so many tissues...So embarassing....

Anyway, thank you girls for the extreme-hot lunch. I shall remember always.....

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