Monday, May 11, 2009

Farewell Lunch 3

Today is my third farewell lunch with other PDD colleagues (KC, Wendy, Lisa and Maggie). They are all fairly quite new colleagues who have worked here less than 2 years.

We went to my favorite Goon Wah Restaurant in Kuchai Lama where I always bring my suppliers to go there for good food. W e ordered a lot of food especially the famous Fish Head Noodles, Fried Loh Shi Fun and XO Chicken. My stomach nearly burst after eating so much of food.

The food there is quite cheap though as it only cost RM 70 for five dishes of food (Fish Head Noodles, Fried Loh Shi Fun, XO Chicken, Fried Rice, Nyonya Mee and Vegetable) we ordered.

Fish Head Noodles (with Yam)

Fried Loh Shi Fun (in Claypot)

XO Chicken

Fried Rice

For those who are interested to go, the map and contact is below:

Thank you all for the enormous lunch today.

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